As a Lebanese expat living in Cyprus for the past three years, our life here has been filled with warmth and welcoming experiences. The island's sweet living atmosphere has made integration smooth. I've also had the opportunity to create two WhatsApp groups that help people connect, respond, and support each other in their journey. Life is incredibly easy, and my children are thriving. They quickly learned Greek at the fabulous international school with an IB curriculum.

Fabienne Atalla Kanaan wrote in “sawt el intishar”:

Moreover, the American University of Beirut has an open branch in Paphos, providing numerous opportunities for young students. Safety on the island is a great comfort, and the public bus system is extraordinary, allowing my children to be independent, even traveling to their activities by bike.

In summary, life in Cyprus is truly enjoyable when you respect the local customs and codes. People here are nice and kind-hearted. The quality of life is exceptional, and the cost of living is comparable to Beirut and other parts of Europe. The school has taken great care of my children, ensuring a smooth integration process. We've made many friends from various nationalities, and I reside in the heart of Larnaca, with easy access to all parts of the island, from Nicosia to Paphos to Protaras. In essence, life here is sweet when you choose the right advisors.

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