Rita Dagher Mekanna is not just an accomplished visual artist and painter, but a true embodiment of art's power to foster cultural connections and build communities. Her journey in the world of art began at age 4 and grew professionally since 2012 when she established her Atelier des Beaux Arts www.ritamekanna.com which she grew in the region.

Rita's artistic influence has reached far and wide, with her participation in numerous Art Exhibitions in the USA, Paris, Dubai, Cyprus and Lebanon. Her upcoming endeavor, an exhibition in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia - demonstrates her unwavering commitment to sharing her creative vision on a global stage.

Beyond her artistic achievements, Rita's role as the General Coordinator of the Women's Committee in St Joseph Parish Larnaka has had a profound impact on the local community. She is also a volunteer collaborating with several organizations on the island with the aim of empowering women and strengthening the community bonds, especially through cultural events and activities.

The unconditional dedication and passion make Rita Dagher Mekanna not only an artist but a community builder, a cultural ambassador, and a true advocate for unity and collaboration.


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