Inspired by the Greek name Theodora "Gift of God," Thea is my daughter's name. Therefore, my aim was that Lathea's core represents values, ethics and trust. Transparency is a must. At Lathea, we always write what we say and we always do what we write.

As a founder, chairman and CEO of "Lathea," my journey started as any self-made businessman with successes and experiences. Traveled through different markets and industries, acquiring a wide diversified expertise that allowed me to sculpt a solid business profile. A natural-born trader and marketer, I worked with various products and services until I settled in the rewarding world of international real estate investment.
My experiences stretched from the Middle to the Far East, Western to Easter Europe, East to south Africa, Latin America, Australia, and more.
Currently, "Lathea" after Lebanon, Ukraine, France, Jordan and Iraq, landed its operations in Cyprus, where today it is considered land of opportunities in Real Estate. However, we are meticulous on numbers and figures. Our steps are always based on market survey, statistics and researchers. We work with the top lawyers, auditors, and market consultants. 
As a potential partner to any investor looking for an opportunity, our solid track record is a guarantee of trust and a promise of delivery.
We are very sensitive in assessing high-risk situations and opportunities and always aim to surround ourselves with the right partners and advisors.
We always thrive with partners and investors who share our values and build our mutual trust based on actual outcomes and results.
Whether you are a simple buyer or investor, our doors are open and always remember our main principles Values, ethics and Trust.

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